MFA Art & Humanities 2020
Final Exhibition ‘Thinking through Making’

I value the process of working with objects and materials to inform what comes from these interactions. This is the place where objects and materials alongside the self (thoughts & ideas) are changing, transforming and in flux.

Through my work , I create spaces for found, borrowed and collected objects and materials to be seen, touched and queried. In this space the objects hold the potential of action, processes and performativity, be it past, present or future.

I play with the context and function of familiar objects or abstract, sculptural forms. This occurs within an environment that allows things to be seen and valued for their innate qualities and agency.

The potentiality of new ideas and objects evolves from the dialogue between person (mind & body), tools and materials. As with Material Engagement Theory, this work considers how human cognition is formed by our material surroundings and a helpful reminder that we as people, are interdependent and relational objects and beings ourselves.

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